It is fair to conclude that cheap life insurance is desired by us all. We want a the cheapest policy from a highly rated carrier. If we take the time to examine life insurance company ratings we will find that there are very few that cannot stand up to serious scrutiny, the fact is they are all pretty safe.

We should therefore find a solid carrier that will provide a cheap life insurance premium. As most policies sold today are term life insurance policies close attention is paid to cost, actual premium outlay. Whole life and universal life should be examined differently.

We should look at actual premium outlay with close attention paid to net cost or return. The cash values of these policies are important when looking at these permanent life insurance policies.

Which policies are cheapest? Cost has a direct relationship to the duration of term policies. The shorter the term the lower the premium cost. The longer the term the more it costs. A 5 year term policy would be much cheaper than a 20 year term for example.

You need to also take into consideration the age, health and occupation of the applicant. A person 20 years old will get a very cheap life insurance policy because s/he is expected to be in good health. As you get older you will find that it costs more to buy a new policy. This is one of the reasons it is recommended that you buy life insurance when you are young.

Rates are also lower for women simply because women tend to live longer than men.

Your occupation is vital when life insurance companies are calculating premium costs. If you engage in any hazardous occupation or avocation your premium costs could be higher as a result. Cheap life insurance premiums are available for people who engage in occupations that do not present any hazardous conditions.

As we get older our health is likely to change. Some people develop chronic health conditions at an early age. These conditions are inherited in some cases. If your parents died at young ages it is wise to pay special attention to what caused their deaths. With vigilant attention some of these diseases can be treated and premature death can be prevented.

I know a man whose parents died in their thirties. This man exercises on a regular basis and pays special attention to his diet, he is now in his eighties and is enjoying excellent health.

Pay special attention to the things mentioned on this page and enjoy cheap life insurance premiums.

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